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I got it hehe. 1 Backpack, 1 Macbook, 1 Zipper. The adept craft mobile publisher. #coolblogs #ideablog #intellectual #refinement #GED #blogger #My4Art2goAn aesthetically fashioned domain name in a blog sense provides a chance to relax and read. They say if its a good name

📐imagine ❤️ Function as Feature 📝

Art provokes the imagination, and although I called it "Imagine" I found I can just use "Versatility". .ZIP related to utility, so as the internet domain to fit the 🗃 craft index cards box (utility @ versatility). 🔧 Because 4art means "imagine"

imagine what's inside the little box? 


I really am going for GED and I'll apply to the jobs that matter the most. 

clicks and relevance should follow it. I lack some things at this time, but also am tired of producing low quality content. I'll get there. Blogging, on the other hand, requires patience, dedication, and a genuine passion for sharing valuable content with others 🔥 Comment on what you think of this cool new name!

What about .ZIP is so #versatile and can include Linux? I like it. Since it means folio or file storage, for mobile it is perfect for on the go. It means #Utility, like a zipper and a #bookbag. This is the extension from #Google.

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