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Every day I wake up and at 9'o clock take these stupid drugs. I am told they are for my better, but I fail to understand their meanings. I am here to respect my every day living standard (1 shower, 1 routine). The drug list includes Abilify oral disintegrating tablet, a blockbuster aripiprazole. I noticed it doesn't make me feel tension (akasthisia) like it used with the tablets. I missed my prime and some girl on Facebook wants me to marry her. I disagree. I have a giant scab on my back from not owning a car. They say travel beats dopamine so I must be screwed up.Β  Imagine all the life I could I have lived but instead I traded my stresses for wisdom.

Tensions are high because Cordilleras bothers me. I get bothered out of doing routine tasks but not showering. Why would you come here, however, just to hear about what bothers me. So I cut it short and toss it out at the garbage can. There. Like magic it is gone :)


I did know IRC for awhile. I had a username at the IRC network Freenode, which is similar to StackExchange. I like that website. I am happy being a novice programmer. I just passed the featureΒ literate to Ningishzida. It has implications as a game changer for written works and computer code. I find that to be amazing, and more so something I care to attend more than the Cordilleras and its liars saying I talk to myself all the time. Leave my sacred alone.Β 

We're not starting Pluralsight.com at the moment. I'm past the 7 days into monthly billing that the free trial gave but I'm almost to starting the Git, Ansible, and sed/awk courses.Β  This is a health facility to some degree. I have not caught COVID-19 yet. Pretty cool little blog here, don't mind sharing. I am working on user registration. User registration is a topic of website meets commenting and even publishing if I choose a writer. Users that register can use the comment feature below each blog post. Simply click "Add Comment" on the above part.Β 

I could not get the features of Google, Twitter, or Facebook to allow a login to this site for comment. That's OK. User registration will be working and my quality of writing gets better. If anything this site will push me to learn. The judge of my case at Maguire sent me to Cordilleras. They never said I had to attend groups. Meanwhile, hustle blog & moving into Hawthorne House or some kind of placement. I ws trying to secure phone service so I don't have to get a job (dankweed.com trade) but it looks like I'll be working at Starbucks or something.

I'm just looking out the window πŸ–Ό or something, waiting for the right time. Soon I will be entering what money can buy. More to elaborate- Pluralsight! My favorite website to beat Jr. Colleges. I was always on2 legs since I did not have a car. I tried Jr. Colleges which I couldn't even finish. My family left me at 17 and I was broke. The value of hard work will pay off, but for now. I'm at limits of the minimal wage until better takes me. My time might come! πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“

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