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I'm Charles Thompson and this world is my dream. As a premier blog I wanted to take time to just take ownership here. I've been stuck in the moment for a long time, but I'm recently allowed to take writing to the top through 4art.zip as a venue. I spent 11 years after freelancing CityDrinker, Inc. in Palo Alto, the peninsula area of the San Francisco Bay Area. I didn't learn much but pennies of pan handling alms. I was broke dead but I didn't care. My SSI payment was only $850 a month, and at best it covered eating until the 14th of each month. I had all my social adjustments from a neighbor friend as a youth. He taught me showering, he showed me knowledge some, and he gave me the gift of underwear - boxers.Β 

I now find myself in Tue of Nov 21 2:01 PM.Β  My hands are occupied by simple things like laundry and showering. I keep my room at the Cordilleras MHRC to my share with others. It is a pretty cool place and I'm expecting to be placed after they turn on my SSI funds. I lost SSI as a result of being in jail. They simply turn it off. I am seeking independence from SSI. To keep data service alive I'm trying to get some friends involved. Right now I have Mike C. on dankweed.com, an older domain of mine, and I have Daniel WoodΒ from PriceGrabber, who I talked to today. I do need a phone and I picked out this model for support of decent photo and video as which some of are to be shared with here alongside the writings. If you wanted to meet me I have a contact page. I don't know many people as I ride solo. I like being adventurous and I can trust others OK. Overall I came out good for someone at the age of 40. I skipped my first divorce (have never been married) and am in advantage. I would lapse on a pre-nuptual however the process must be a formality though. I am reminded as the ex-tool Facebook had a girl come out bugging me about getting married. I told her it was cruelty. I don't smoke cigarettes but I used to. Bad habits and living choices were the marking of failure all throughout my life, but I might get a GED soon. There is a Gestu-E with a process called "Evolution" that is breaking down barriers.Β Things are scary when you aren't aware of the life you *should* have had. With the breakings of procedure Geshtu-E is doing the sawing of things while I have an Ea (pronounced long a, then Ah) that knows advancement.Β 

Then Special Thanks...

Special Thanks

  • Daniel Wood - Bought me the comments plugin for Joomla CMS (this site) and a Macbook Air 2017 model with 8GB of RAM. The comments add a whole dimension to the interactivity on here. He provides me free hosting for this site, and I've already burned nearly a gigabyte of traffic according to the Plesk interface at the Linux box.
  • Marc Compagnon - Paid for 4art.zip and checkstripe(dot)net. Two of the coolest domains ever. He helped me break out of the no banking rule of conservatorship at the county faciity Cordilleras MHRC by just giving me his bank card and billing address. With his card I bought Pluralsight internet training.
  • Next up is Mike Casteneda for DankWeed.com of which I embrace to decently. I at first gave to him that I had $1200 of needs, then reduced to a bit to whichΒ I am open to discussion. I have to at least get a phone for now.Β  I need the photo and video for themes in this blog. I might experiment with surrealism and of course add my perspective. Ok, so this is an older article which I reconstructed completely to be as like new. The service of 4art.zip is -as-is- the name means simplicity and grace. The serenity of writing outside at the enclave terrace of Cordilleras has been a peaceful experience and experiment with disabled high school dropout writing, but I must keep this article something worth reading.Β 

I want to talk about what I plan to do with the domain and feature. This will be a part of my life as writing can be an element to capture some of the best essences. It is my calling to contribute accurate and carefully written content to add a touch of good to anyone who is just at 1 cup of coffee. / An article to read / surfing the web.
My dad used to call it that, he liked the 'web surfer' look, and I was named notoriously by my step mother.Β  I wanted to have a fun wild open pretty good life like driving a car throughout therefore hving the exposure an the optimal for my prime , which by standard of judge would be 37 or so. But I had to find my own way, so since all I had was the internet I took to buying internet domain names. This particular one was a story which I have already shared. I have seen some of the traffic amount that come through already as I submitted my sitemap. There was an idea to buy a 4instance.net off of Juice WRLD's song "4 Instance". I felt a good art way through it so I found .zip by casual browsing and figured '4art' + .zip would be a good buy. So far I Do enjoy it very much. I am not suffocated by having to have a niche, and I probably don't ever need to use WealthyAffiliate.Β 

This internet is a wasteland! 🌐 I have pride of ownership of 4art.zip and am over this detail:

I have seen zones on instances of ISC named (BIND) all over this world as a 16 year old. My background stretches toward Slashdot where the friend that introduced me to hacking was a subject. It was a hysteria article at the BBC involving Bishop Belu. The domain was told to me by that hacker himself that he put need.tp on .TP, meaning editing the zone file of that particular NIC. As you'll probably guess, this was forΒ  Beavis of MTV's Beavis and Butthead, of course so it was just a prank. Lastly, I am an enlightened child of the millenium and a fact of internet history. Nobody went down in history with access of so much DNS internals. Not even as a youth!Β 

There now is a final destination I've not opened yet - it is Pluralsight.com. Since I'm over all that DNS hype with a real domain I'm ready to slap checksripe(dot)net on my new resume and get going with around 20 hours of training. Each day I can afford to burn through 2 or so. I'll need to keep it interactive with practice until the understanding reaches fundamental.Β 


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