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LXD are Linux containers are the ones I'm kind of a student about.

An example flavor of Linux is Ubuntu. DevOps of Linux have multiple ways of delivering software. The fanciful Linux most enjoyed is Gentoo. Embedded Linux takes shape on many different boxtop embedded machines. The delivery of software in Ubuntu is done through a software application. There is also apt get, the classic Debian feel. So what can Linux do for you? There are ways through computer networking to wire your house with dependable private email (dovecot, Sendmail, exim). There is a way to make a secure OpenSSL encrypted tunnel using OpenSwan. If you want to take reign of the privacy and security of a home, then a home network running Linux is a wise choice.

Send a comment and get in touch when you see I installed the comments plugin. I'm not employed right now, but my work will be involving the Linux OS. There are some employers for DevOps cloud duty that prefer a Microsoft Azure involved in their applications, but I prefer Amazon AWS.

If BSD I go with DragonFlyBSD, although I've never used it. The name just sounds catchy. FreeBSD bored me some. I've been through the renegades of hacking ccTLD domains as a youth, but I'm not wasted.

Cheers to you all, for a wonderful domain, and future. I'm happy as this astounding jewel sits on my registrar.. πŸ„πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ„πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ„πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ This one's for Dan, who always came through with open doors to limits needing to be broken. His word is solid. He got me through. Marc C., I know you also. Thanks for not taking the domain and walking off with it. I wish you much prosperity for giving me a CC# to buy my aspect/perspective domain name here atΒ 4art.zip. True to the art: the DevOpsΒ AssassinΒ  might be my next move for a name to this site.Β My tolerance for others is really good. Looking like a team play at the local WellFound.com hiring site will be my next adventure. I'm staying steady for the things I need, but the advantage never ends from this perspective. I'm high on art ware. What a cool pack job they did to present. I got this image below from 16colo.rs, a cool site with unique artwork. It would be nice if I never had to work, but a busy nature is required to visualize sophistication.

Ea gives advancement as a property although the divine inner spirits that command around my activity have not put the foot down and sceptered signal. I get signals though so I just wait to be turned on to awk/sed to overcome a Jr. college IQ test challenge that made me fail. I was failing Advanced Linux. Aspect meets signaling planets like Exoplanet gods and hidden Enki of the deep dimension, with linear algebra for design.



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