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Everything Linux

linux kernel architecture diagram

Hardware features its kernel as Linux wakes up from its sleep gracefully. The dmesg(1) putsΒ this activity on a screen after. So if you want to see what happened behind the curtains, type it into the shell. I think everything but the GPU is covered here. This reminds me of character devices, the /etc/termcap variety, if I am correct. I like writing about this, because I can just remind myself as I write about all the intricacies of Linux. File system type might be btrfs or ext3. Gentoo Linux is a beauty to work with, but its install process takes a long time on a slower processor. What is it to "install Linux"? It means that when your computer turns on you'll be presented with a choice to start with Linux or not. If you select this option, it spawns system hardware and does maintenance checks of the disks. After this process you'll get a login for the window manager or bare terminal. Finish it off with the glory of technical piping and input - the shell.

If you arrive to a '#' or '$' simply typeΒ uname -aΒ  to see the operating system information.Β 

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