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My new site is finally done. I Decided to let traffic rule the zone out , so the blog at it is called 'No Known Parallel' I am going to be stepping up efforts here so  let it be known. This is just a commentary, and these are my comments. I listened to a new Daft Punk track called "Instant Crush". I got some school work to do. DevOps track of bookmarks on Pluralsight.com now includes Google Go as something to take back and learn. The purposes are to be a powerful computer user at the resourceful that they are. There are company interviewers that came from coding backgrounds therefore they know what to ask you about and I want to come off like I've passed difficult challenges. That's why Go. It isn't a heavily used one although I do see it rarely on the job lists, but progressing in the language will show some persistence to them. I'm without ideas to add to this commentary so far. I live in a room with 3 other dudes. It is a basic every day approach to care that Telecare Cordilleras is. They are the nursing standard. I'm in disbelief that one has to spend $13-20k to go to a code school like Nucamp.co. T

The thing with Pluralsight's learning venue is you need to get crafty and know which home labs are worth building for ones self. This is a simulated experience that could in theory be done, but most of the time they'd toss you out of interview at limited experience. Knowing what the job IS first should take that out. I might need a book called "The Phoenix Project" that is known by the Reddit /r/devops. I like DevOps. I'll be enjoying the entire journey there. I will have it until it is done. Then there is GED. I value language arts and will be at the use of language at the new job so I have someone helping me get study core on the materials. I won't have a calculator unless I ask Dan or someone. The GED courseware cost is $99 or $199 so.. Alright good night.

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In where the electronics heat up, standing against the elements. Below is a refer to 16 COLORS ANSI. Computers by high definition, are now the new medium. I was 1996 with the BitchX ANSI IRC client, and I liked this art, because I was a millenial. In computers are, by a definition contrast  to their versatility more along the feature of what I planned.  In some situations, domain names are classified as intellectual property, but the writing got to me, and I gave up on caring so much about the 11 ccTLDs of history worldwide that I Experienced as a youth. The category of assets involving human creativity and intellect are gleaming to me. Tonight: my fancy. There, my friend,  you have a a tell tale of art or the art. Vogue is the dimensionality of my internet domain 4art.zip, where I share my interactivity. While I do not have to feature this to be a success at 4art.zip I am actually a fan of graffiti and 16 color ANSI art. I also listen to a chip tune melody called "Sad Song". So if you have access to beyond Youtube for chip tunes that are actually good then let me know below.

I have the Macintosh and unfortunately am not able to experience the 256 color colored text by scripting in Python. I gave it a try though! I have a Github account that has a bash script and a failed try at a CPU timed Fibonacci sequence. I did, however, pass a wall over at De Anza College (DeAnza.EDU) which was Python.

#!/usr/bin/env python3.11

t = int(input("Enter number of lines for the triangle: "))
y = 0
for i in range(y, t+1):
    y += 1
    for x in range(y):
        if x == 0:
            print(i * x, end="\t")
    print(" ") 


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My site got a name today,  📐imagine

 This is a cool blog site. Today I woke up at around 7:30 to eat breakfast. Breakfast consisted of a blueberry muffin, 2 cups of coffee (decaf), and two cold cereal Honey Nut Chex plus milk. The diet is the diet. I am going to be leaving this place eventually to come to a better result - one that has an open door to the city of Redwood City. It is in this place that I'll be using public transit to work at Starbucks, Best Buy, Office Depot or some other minimum wage arrangement. I have to pay for my GED and my prepaid phone. 

I talked to Daniel Wood about the GED progress. He is looking for some projects for me to do. He agreed to pay for barter this time around. I had to tell him though. He is very nice still. 

This was the song by Juice WRLD that inspired me to buy 4art.zip from Namecheap.com. I went for 4instance.net but it was already taken. As an alternative I got 4art.zip after noticing the extension. I bought it and feel fabulous to own a piece of the internet pie.

What a landrush that .zip is. Google's very own Charleston Road Registry managed the .zip new gTLD. These new ones aside from .com and .net became popular about 10 years ago. I do not need to be about domain name history but as I see, hands on with 11 #ccTLDs as a hacker youth got me involved in fortunate domain purchases. 

What I've been absent to is this domain will get stronger with age.  In 5 years from now when .com is belly up and becomes overtaken with wasteland and blight I will be in really good shape since .zip will become pretty parcels already fetched for a sum. I *already* feel GREAT about .zip and can see the picture of long term ownership at renewal.  

My comment on LinkedIn:

What about .ZIP is so #versatile and can include #Linux? It means I like it. Since it means folio or file transfer #mobile is perfect for on the go. It means #Utility, like a zipper and a #bookbag. #Google 

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I got it hehe. 1 Backpack, 1 Macbook, 1 Zipper. The adept craft mobile publisher. #coolblogs #ideablog #intellectual #refinement #GED #blogger #My4Art2goAn aesthetically fashioned domain name in a blog sense provides a chance to relax and read. They say if its a good name

📐imagine ❤️ Function as Feature 📝

Art provokes the imagination, and although I called it "Imagine" I found I can just use "Versatility". .ZIP related to utility, so as the internet domain to fit the 🗃 craft index cards box (utility @ versatility). 🔧 Because 4art means "imagine"

imagine what's inside the little box? 


I really am going for GED and I'll apply to the jobs that matter the most. 

clicks and relevance should follow it. I lack some things at this time, but also am tired of producing low quality content. I'll get there. Blogging, on the other hand, requires patience, dedication, and a genuine passion for sharing valuable content with others 🔥 Comment on what you think of this cool new name!

What about .ZIP is so #versatile and can include Linux? I like it. Since it means folio or file storage, for mobile it is perfect for on the go. It means #Utility, like a zipper and a #bookbag. This is the extension from #Google.

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I have a updated article called Perfect Dreams. I spent about 45 minutes or less getting this together. I seriously want to make this site something cool.

The Adventures of Charles is an idea. I could live by the assumption that everyone understands that 4art.zip is an -as-is- solid foundation meaning simple. Everything is simple writing is simple and so on.

Simple procedure done simply. I do not cast as judgement on to others but the burden is so high. How will I liquid a telephone CASH flow is not. I at least need a cool backpack to keep my computer safe with. Minimum wage will be a rager. I have to go to work while I Study for DevOps. They need experience at that outcome anyways. Maybe it is wise not to start at Marc's Pluralsight. Could I be out of luck at the end of Cordilleras when they place me? I wont have data ,but they have an Obama Phone (a mediCAL/SSI and welfare telephony).


1 Backpack. 1 Keyboard. 1 Zipper. 📱 
GNU and open source involvement since 1996.
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