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I'm getting my Google Pixel 7 Pro phone with 256mb of storage and Obsidian Black This is from Amazon. I also got my GED calculator, the Texas Instruments TI30-Xs, a Bluetooth mouse, and a russet red Jansport backpack. The conservator got in my bank account and has some access to spending, only Amazon, so I needed to support GED out the gate. I am working on Pluralsight. Talk to you soon Happy Holidays 🌆

Things are going splendid, I have talked to someone here and he was not condescending toward my approach. He has a $1000 iPhone. My Pixel 7 Pro phone is $1089 as new at Verizon, so I am getting a good deal. High up I will be soon. I have nothing constructive to write about at this time, yet want to. Perhaps I'll edit this some later. If you liked Strattera you'll like this, I'm in the charmed dimension! The drug works!! I plan to be doing salary calculations and be in pursuit of meaningful staples (such as bash or Python) in the era ahead! It is an ERA!!! I'm as hard to move as a monument to get to tasks. The thing finally budged and I'm said to be out ready to scale Pluralsight's platform for learning. 

They have $20,000 schools on Nucamp.co but they just cover insightful support with meaningful practice in an individualized experience. I can learn from Reddit get support from my peers covering "home-brew" labs on my Amazon Lightsail.

I have to cover Daniel Wood's stuff to get Amazon Lightsail.  He agreed to get me something to do soon. I'll need like 8-20 virtual servers in Docker or LXD, so I can do the Ansible technique. 

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atomoxetine (Strattera) - an NMDA antagonist norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. Update.


Strattera is a drug given once a day by a health practice here at Cordilleras. I kept experiencing the million dollar feel and synesthesia 🔥. To get the feel I allow consciousness to drift away at certain songs. I get my songs from Youtube, but you can get them from wherever. Music from Youtube like styles from JuiceWRLD and the Darkman007 Sad Song piece are my effective melodies. Knowing I'm on a drug is a sensory feel and  although atomoxetine is subtle it is in the blood. The blood and drug level are sense. I take a mild dose of only 80mg to guide the ADHD and attention performance. The cog in the wheel stopped for me at the age of 6 when I had Cylert prescribed. I suffered from a toxic family life but later in wisdom found enlightenment through internet domains blogs and Linux. I like enlightenment. It meant that my childhood, although worthless in cash value led somewhere decent. I live in the Bay Area, I skipped my first divorce, I take a wonderful drug at atomoxetine and am more than satisfied with the cocktail of pills here at the ol' Cordilleras. I don't know my jail situation yet but there was never a court date as told there would be.  

I'm  no do  of creative things here. Such is such that I have to have creativity has been an advance in motion. I love atomoxetine and the jazz feel that it shines on me with quality chip tunes and good music. Here's KMFDM, a familiar sense of child hood is in me as I am a millennial. As I write this I'm approaching getting ready for snack and bedtime. I hope to go hazey on the Strattera meds soon. FUN!

  Strattera crack out feel.

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New blog, fresh off the mint of Plesk desktop Linux management.  The name Associated makes me feel right at home in standard. I feel I could make a professional networking website like LinkedIn or something. It goes good with the GED typist blog. I'm dazzled a little. Taking typing lessons is a choice for some, but I never did. I don't use the home rows but manage to type around ~80 W.P.M.. My little emoji composition book is what I'd be using for GED. I don't have the calculator yet, but need to have ordered a backpack,  The GED TI-30XS calculator, and a Bluetooth mouse. 

Adjusting aside from the picture this site is has taken its way with me, but I swear I will never get out of your appreciation. Stick with me here, even BOOKMARK with ^D and I'll research and research a way to make you happier. It is within my intent to make this something decent. The best damn domain name I've ever owned. It tops ocpro.com, linuxworkshop.net, dankchronic.com, etc.  I might feature barbeques from Amazon pretty soon lol. Enjoy your browsing at Associated.



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The blood borne Strattera 🧿  beast: how Apkhallu secure Chuck in happiness forever.
An open door to Strattera's hidden inner quality happiness, was secured. After a 2 hour fight with Apkhallu and Hendersaga I was able to secure happiness with Apkhalu. They took the legendary marvel of evasion from dimmed evils to a new peak. I cannot wait for happiness to manifest and show the world my smile. TO top it off, Belit-Tseri joins me for writing. It is a rather atypical agreement. She has the bonus addition of peak at atomoxetine, which may help my gain in code and society's big open door to work: 🚪. I'm doing alright, talked to some strange person about German monkeys or something, then all the way to making a call and got project work from Dan. Then I got some blankets for the cold tonight. 
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"Simple" from 4 Instance @ Parallel led me to a good discovery for my divine workers today. I got the "Sai of GED and Pluralsight" so that means opportunity to do rages soon. 4 instance means simple at 4art.zip. I took aspects, learned art, learned arts, 'an art', 'state-of-the-art', state of the art, language arts, and 'an art form'.  Magicians are not artists, although they are talented. A sentient staying state-of-the-art in a cold storage element of the domain hosting at Plesk is kind of an idea, but not everyone knows what the hyphenated version of state of the art means. This silly song brings such ace credit I could easily cook at GED craft like a rangetop feeding. Feeding on GED like an insect mosquito or other. Facebook to me is toy-like.

Marc C. was right on there(Facebook). He told me I'm meeting my way. I agree.  

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